Spring 2022 – A New Beginning

Dear Oliver,

Today I came across one of your favorite childhood storybooks that I saved. It reminded me of a song I wrote for you 20 years ago for your first birthday, “Until Then.” When you were a baby, you so loved story time and I loved reading your favorite books to you. It was after one of those shared moments when I wrote this song. I knew today would come and I wanted to make sure you knew how I felt after I had spent only one year with you.

Someday I’ll come across your things and find this little book
The pages torn; the edges worn – adventures that we took
And on those pages, I will  see your smile and your tears
I’ll remember all we shared... the laughter and the fears

Until then
I’ll hold you in my arms
Someday you are gonna want to fly
But until then
Time is passing by
So let me hold you close again
Until then

Someday I know you’ll want to climb the tallest hill of all
And I’ll be there and everywhere to catch you if you fall
And I’ll believe in all your dreams ‘cause I believe in you
You will be the brightest star in everything you do

Until then
I’ll hold you in my arms
Someday you are gonna want to fly
But until then
Time is passing by
So let me hold you close again
Until then

Someday you’ll come across my things and find a little book
A memory of my deepest love and moments that we took
And on those pages, you will find a rainbow in the sky
I’ll be watching over you everywhere you fly

Until then
I’ll hold you in my arms
Someday we will have to say goodbye
And once again
Time will pass us by
So, think about us now and then
Let me hold you close again
Until then

It’s hard to believe that life has already brought us more than halfway through this song. The next part has to do with you flying and making all your dreams come true.

Your enormous talent speaks for itself in all the lives you’ve touched. God has blessed you beyond measure and given you rare gifts that have equipped you to change the world in profound ways – a huge honor and responsibility that you have been entrusted to carry.

Your voice resonates (both literally and figuratively) with everyone because your spirit is pure, and your heart is full of unconditional love for everyone. When the light shines on you, you welcome all into its warmth and empower others. I’ve heard from your friends that you will never allow anyone to be left behind – always making sure that everyone is included, and that they feel loved and part of the whole. I’ve also heard from those closest to you how they’ve witnessed (unbeknownst to you) your generous and charitable acts that you keep to yourself as you give quietly, changing people’s lives and helping those who are lost find their way. Your deep and genuine empathy and sensitivity to the pain others feel… and the time you take to do something about it, brings hope and inspires people to believe.

I know that fame and the superficial things that society often equates with success will never mean anything to you. Instead, you will find success, fulfilment and happiness knowing that you’ve made someone feel loved… especially those who feel that the world has left them behind. But you should know that fame and success will find you – not just for your genius talent, which is already legendary, but because the world needs you. In a place full of sadness and hate, you’re proof that loves always wins.

As my life is winding down and yours is just beginning, I will leave you with the wisdom of your grandfather, songwriter Ron Miller, whose lyrics are not only legendary but have guided my entire life. As much as I know you are going to have the best life ever, there may come a day when the world tries to break your heart and in case I’m not around and you wonder what I would say, I wanted you to know that whatever it is, this is what I would tell you…

I can see a wonderful tomorrow
Waiting for the world to come inside
A world we won’t neglect
With mutual respect
We’ll build a dream that fear cannot divide and conquer

I can see the promise of the future
As we live without the sorrow of the past
Whatever pain it takes
We’ll learn from our mistakes
And realize that people don’t come last

There’s no easy way
There’s debts we have to pay
To those of us who struggle to survive
We don’t have the right
To sleep that well at night
While half the world is only half alive

I can see the smile of every mother
As the tears of war are washed away to sea
I know it sounds naïve
But damn it, I believe
There’s still some love inside of you and me
I love the world that I can see

Congratulations New York University Tisch School of the Arts Graduate, Oliver Liam Richman! We are all so proud of you! We love you forever and ever!
#ProudMama #ObsessedWithYouForever #ProudFamily #Amazing #Genius #TheLegacyContinues

Dad, Sandy, Ashleigh, Danica, Cherie,
Gammy Aurora Miller, Grandma Helen Richman,
Grandpa Ron Miller, Grandpa Peter Mark Richman, Grandpa Buddy Hackett